In the past few years, we’ve noticed a pattern amongst enterprises, they layer new technology capabilities on top of their MarTech stacks without a central vision or coordinated effort. This leads to:

  • Lack of interoperability
  • Multiple platforms with redundant capabilities
  • Siloed teams using (and buying) different systems
  • No clear single-customer view

The solution? Modernize your MarTech stack.

Why Modernize?

According to a study by Gartner in 2023, 75% of CMOs face pressure to cut and consolidate MarTech budgets, while only 33% of MarTech capabilities actually get utilized.

The Actable Solution

Actable has successfully worked with dozens of enterprises to modernize and streamline data and technology stacks. Our proven approach improves efficiency, enhances MarTech performance, and reduces wasted time and dollars.

In just 6-10 weeks, Actable can build for you a MarTech stack modernization roadmap that is tied to meaningful business outcomes.

  • Use Case-Driven: rooted in enabling business outcomes through customer data
  • Transformative and Comprehensive: diagnosing needs across tech, data and team
  • Goal-Oriented: tied to meaningful business metrics and return on investment


MarTech Stack Modernization Process and Deliverables

Actable’s MarTech Stack Modernization Framework includes stakeholder workshops and alignment activities. Key deliverables include a recommended reference architecture, identification of tech needs and gaps, tech and data roadmaps, an investment summary, and an implementation strategy.


Actable’s approach to modernization provides multiple benefits including rapid time-to-recommendation, business-outcome focus, stakeholder alignment, and a thorough evaluation of priority and ROI.

Schedule a call to kickstart your journey to an outcome-driven MarTech stack.