Lytics has introduced a free product called Cloud Connect to unlock the power of 1st party data that often lives inside cloud data warehouses.  Commonly, valuable customer data sits out of reach of marketers and customer acquisition teams.  This data is secured in solutions like Google BigQuery or Snowflake, inaccessible to addressable ad platform targeting such as Google Customer Match, Facebook Custom Audiences, and similar products for LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap, TikTok, etc.  Marketers and acquisition teams must now rely on their 1st party data to replace the eroding efficacy of third party data in ad targeting.

Customer Data Platforms, or CDPs, have tried to solve this issue for the last 7-8 years; however, onboarding to a CDP is often cumbersome.  Time to value can range from within the first quarter following implementation kickoff to a multi-year effort.  Furthermore, many CDPs have forced companies to replicate all, or major parts of, their entire data model in another solution – introducing a major cost and information security concern.  For many companies, this was a pain point; however, the CDPs tended to have user-friendly UIs, as well as a robust set of integrations – particularly among the addressable ad platforms.

If your company has already onboarded a CDP with robust connections to the addressable landscape, then you are ahead of most.  However, if you’re looking for a relatively frictionless way to get started, consider the Lytics Cloud Connect free product.  The following is the Actable guide to getting started to a solution that is:

  1. Free from incremental software cost.
  2. Unleashes existing data from your cloud data warehouse.
  3. Connects audiences powered by 1st party data seamlessly to all major addressable ad platforms.
  4. Can ingest valuable data science from internal or external sources.

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