The Challenge

A leading CPG was in the middle of their multi-brand CDP implementation when they encountered a few key challenges:

  • Integration blockers with key third-party systems
  • Resource capacity limitations with internal product owner
  • CDP onboarding workflow efficiency


The client needed expertise from outside consultancy, and engaged Actable as Product Owners of the client CDP workstreams.  The Actable team assumed a list of key responsibilities to ensure program iteration success:

  • Brand Expansion & Enhancements
  • Enablement & Evangelism
  • Scrum Product Owner deliverables:
  • Authoring product features, prioritizing development backlog, partner with developers to flag dependencies, remediate bugs/issues,  and ensure CDP platform business objectives are met


  • Unblocked stalled integrations by building thorough solution design documentation and driving internal team alignment
  • Effectively led discovery and alignment meetings with internal and external client stakeholders
  • Improved CDP onboarding efficiency with workflow refinements and structured intake documentation
  • Added functionality to allow CDP users to segment by in-store shopping behavior
  • Actable expertise seamlessly coordinated with client marketing teams & developers:
  • Actable team’s scrum performance was 47% better than client PO average
  • Averaging 3.2 days in RFA (47% better than the program average)