Fresh Tracks Canada, a premier adventure travel company, is committed to becoming the world’s most customer-centric company, designing personalized vacations across Canada. However, the dynamic nature of digital marketing landscapes posed a challenge to maintaining this stature. Recognizing the need to stay ahead, Fresh Tracks Canada embarked on a strategic overhaul of their martech stack.

Objectives and Challenges

The primary objective was clear: to modernize the marketing tech stack to streamline operations, augment customer engagement, and bolster sales performance. Fresh Tracks Canada identified several critical challenges in their existing setup:

  • Inadequate data integration across customer touchpoints led to inaccurate targeting and personalization.
  • Sluggish data processing hindered timely decision-making.
  • Elevated customer acquisition costs were impacting overall efficiency and profitability.


To address these challenges, Fresh Tracks Canada partnered with Actable, leveraging their use case-driven methodology. This collaboration aimed to fast-track the delivery of an analytics solution that could offer immediate and substantial business benefits. The modernization process unfolded over four months, during which:

  • Data from 11 distinct sources was meticulously integrated into BigQuery, ensuring a unified and potent data ecosystem.
  • A new suite of tools for digital analytics, audience activation, and experimentation was deployed. This toolkit was crafted to enhance customer journey reporting, website experimentation, and digital personalization.


The strategic overhaul of the marketing tech stack yielded remarkable outcomes for Fresh Tracks Canada:

  • The implementation of always-on Looker reporting and forecasting provided deep insights into optimizing customer acquisition costs.
  • Enhanced integrations with channel tools facilitated personalized communication in email campaigns and paid search efforts, based on behavioral segmentation.
  • Comprehensive paid media ROI reporting allowed for keyword-level bidding optimizations, further refining the company’s advertising strategy.
  • A modernized lead scoring model, powered by BigQuery and Vertex AI, ensured the delivery of conversation-ready leads to the sales teams.

Best Practices for Industry Peers

This case study offers valuable insights for other companies within the adventure travel industry considering similar modernization efforts:

  • Strategic Partnership: Collaborating with a partner like Actable that understands the unique challenges and objectives can considerably reduce implementation time and maximize impact.
  • Data Integration: Creating a unified data ecosystem is crucial for deriving actionable insights and automating personalized customer experiences.
  • Continuous Optimization: Leveraging the latest in machine learning and AI for lead scoring and customer segmentation can dynamically improve marketing effectiveness.


Fresh Tracks Canada’s investment in modernizing its marketing tech stack has set a new industry standard for operational efficiency, customer engagement, and sales performance. The company’s strategic approach, focusing on integrating cutting-edge technologies and fostering rapid decision-making capabilities, has reinforced its position as a leader in the adventure travel market. Other entities in the sector can draw significant lessons from Fresh Tracks Canada’s successful transformation.

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