Cuyana Overview

Cuyana, an online fashion brand, creates timeless essentials designed for the modern wardrobe. With a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, Cuyana tailors its offerings to those who seek elegance and durability in their daily attire. However, despite their clear vision and strong product line, Cuyana faced a significant challenge that could hinder their growth and connection with potential customers.

The Challenge

In a market flooded with fast fashion and transient trends, Cuyana struggled to cut through the noise and effectively reach their target audience. Their main hurdle was leveraging first-party data to enhance segmentation for prospecting efforts through paid media. Without the ability to activate their own data, Cuyana was at a disadvantage, unable to tailor their marketing efforts to meet potential customers’ specific needs and interests. This lack of precision in targeting was not only inefficient but also meant missed opportunities in a competitive landscape.

The Solution: Predictable

Recognizing the need for a robust solution, Cuyana used Actable’s product, Predictable, a suite of predictive AI models built on the Google Cloud Platform, designed to unlock the potential of first-party data.

Predictable’s AI models offered a new realm of possibilities for Cuyana:

  • Profile Enrichment: Predictable enabled Cuyana to deepen their understanding of existing customers by enriching user profiles with additional data points. This enrichment provided a more holistic view of each customer.
  • Enhanced Analytics Capabilities: With Predictable, Cuyana could now leverage improved analytics to make data-driven decisions, optimizing their marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Streamlined Customer Segmentation: The pre-built BigQuery integration published daily predictive scores to Cuyana’s data warehouse, creating Custom Audiences for paid media activation.

The Results

With the power of Predictable’s AI Models, Cuyana was delivered over 37 million records scored, further enriching user profiles for enhanced segmentation of potential customers. The swift activation of segments empowered data-driven marketing decisions, enhancing their analytics capabilities. Predictable helped Cuyana to streamline customer segmentation and expedite decisions.

Key Takeaways

Actable helped Cuyana:

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of their customer base, allowing for more personalized marketing efforts.
  • Expedite decision-making processes with real-time data insights, thereby reducing time-to-market for targeted campaigns.
  • Optimize marketing spend by focusing efforts on segments with the highest potential for conversion.

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