Actable Strengthens Partnership with Google Cloud and Support for Customers


New York, NY. April 09, 2024— Actable, an enterprise customer data consultancy, announced today that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery  Designation for its customer data accelerator, Predictable.  

Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery is a partner integration validation program that intends to increase the customer’s confidence in partner integrations into BigQuery. Google Cloud engineering teams validate partner integrations into BigQuery in a three-phase process.

  1. Run a series of data integration tests and compare results against benchmarks.
  2. Work closely with partners to fill any gaps.
  3. Refine documentation for our mutual customers.

By earning this designation, Actable has proven that Predictable has met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with BigQuery. This designation enables customers to discover and have confidence that the Actable products they use today work well with BigQuery and save prospective customers evaluation time.

Being part of the program, Actable will collaborate closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and BigQuery teams. Additionally, Google Cloud customers will have streamlined access to Predictable to enable rapid time-to-value for AI scoring and segmentation and rich customer insights.

“Google Cloud is ideal environment to build a marketing & customer data analytics practice. Actable’s customer data accelerator, Predictable, delivers rapid speed to analytics, and now with Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery designation we can deploy even more rapidly and effectively for Google Cloud customers,” said Craig Howard, Actable’s  Chief Solutions Officer.

Actable’s solutions are available today. Interested CIOs, CDOs and data engineers can learn more here

About Actable

Actable is a customer data accelerator that helps businesses organize, activate, and analyze first-party customer data to create outsize enterprise value. We help organizations turn first-party data into measurable business results.

In a phrase: It’s our job to help our customers understand their customers because we believe that access to better customer data leads to better customer experience, better enterprise responsiveness, and greater enterprise value.

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