You probably already know that the Actable Predictive Suite is a purpose-built application to help companies unlock the value of their 1st party customer data.  The scores produced by our models help dozens of brands power essential marketing use cases such as:

  • Identify new users likely to convert
  • Mitigate churn among existing customers
  • Help create repeat purchases from existing customers
  • Provide relevant product recommendations

The data underlying these models is valuable, and unfortunately, seldom mined for insights in ways useful to the end marketer.

We wanted to change that.

Introducing Insights, a new feature from our Predictive Suite that offers extreme transparency on-demand into:

  • Your customers
  • The models themselves
  • The model performance


Your Customers

Learn valuable ​insights about your customers​ such as:

  • How many repeat customers do I have?
  • What are the timelines between purchases?
  • When did my customers last engage? With site? With email?
  • From what channels am I acquiring customers?

The Models

  • What factors drove performance?
  • How well did the model fit my data?


  • How accurately are the models predicting churn and purchase behavior?
  • What products are commonly purchased together?


Get in touch with your Account Rep, or contact Actable about getting started with the Predictive Suite.