This week the Actable team will be joining some of the world’s leading cloud experts and innovators in Las Vegas for Google Cloud Next. Over three days, our team will be immersed in visionary keynotes, meeting with customers and partners, learning about the latest cloud technology innovations, and more.

Whether this is your first time or your 5th, here’s what the Actable team is most excited to check out. But first, let’s get the basics out of the way.


What is Google Cloud Next?

Google Cloud Next (or Next ’24) is an annual global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education. It’s a forum where pioneering minds convene to unpack the future of digital creativity, showcasing Google Cloud’s latest advancements.

When and Where Will Next ’24 Take Place?

April 9-11, 2024, at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Why attend?

You’ll learn from thought leaders, understand perspectives from Google Cloud customers and partners, and gain interactive experience in areas like security and cloud operations.

Who will be there?

  • Developers and architects: Professionals who can design, deploy, and manage cloud solutions
  • IT professionals and managers: Including DevOps, SREs, and platform engineers
  • Business leaders: Looking to use cloud technologies for growth and innovation
  • Data specialists: Including analysts and engineers who use analytics, AI, and machine learning
  • C-level executives: Including founders, IT leaders, and top executives who want strategic cloud insights

Must-See Speakers at Next ’24

Here’s a sneak peek of the short list of speakers we’re thrilled to see and learn from.

Top Speakers

  • Thomas Kurian (CEO Google Cloud) giving the opening keynote sharing exclusive insights into breakthroughs in AI and inspiring success stories from customers and partners.
  • Chen Goldberg (GM & VP of Engineering, Cloud Runtimes Google Cloud )keynote on day 2 giving demos and best practices around making modern software development easier with our AI. This is a talk by developers, for developers.
  • Melonie Parker Chief Diversity Officer Google DEI Keynote: Innovation with intention. This will be a discussion around responsible innovation, how teams and consumers should think about technology and its impact, and how companies have a responsibility to innovate with the intention to move towards a more inclusive future, including thinking about responsible AI and proper research during the innovation process.

Meet the Actable Team

If you are attending Next ’24. We would love to meet up.

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our co-founders Craig SchinnMatt Greitzer, or Chief Solutions Officer Craig Howard to learn how Actable can help your enterprise with customer data and marketing analytics strategies.