About Digest Publishing

Digest Publishing offers a suite of premium subscription services aimed at both professional and self-directed investors. Their comprehensive coverage spans a wide array of market sectors — from conservative investment strategies focusing on dividends and value to aggressive speculations in energy, commodities, and currencies.


The company sought to refine its approach to data management, specifically aiming to improve data anomaly detection, streamline reporting dashboards in Looker Data Studio, and enhance the capture and analysis of data volumes, mailing activities, and lead activities. To overcome these hurdles, they turned to Actable.


Through the implementation of subject area-specific dashboards, including Promo Reporting, Mailing, and Signup, the Actable team empowered Digest Publishing to make data-driven decisions with streamlined data management and improved analytics and reporting they couldn’t before.

The solution optimized data capture in Promo reporting, blending mailing data in the Mailing dashboard, and tracking users in the Signup dashboard.


With Actable, Digest Publishing received:

  • Unified datasets within BigQuery, eliminating previous inconsistencies and providing a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making.
  • Resolution of data anomalies that had previously hindered effective analysis, ensuring the integrity and reliability of reporting metrics.
  • The introduction of automated dashboards in Looker Studio, transformed Digest Publishing’s approach to data reporting. This shift not only facilitated more nuanced analysis but also empowered the company to allocate marketing resources more efficiently, thereby optimizing campaign strategies and maximizing return on investment.

“The team at Actable has successfully provided the metrics and visualizations needed for the Digest Publishing team to make actionable business decisions. We appreciate their guidance throughout the project process and commitment to delivering results as expected. I highly recommend working with them and will likely reach out to them again for future projects!” – Megan Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, Digest Publishing.

Key Takeaways

  • Integration of advanced data solutions has boosted Digest Publishing’s operational efficiency, setting new standards for precision and reliability in the investment sector.
  • The project showcases the significant role of advanced data management and analytics in resource optimization, marketing strategy refinement, and enhancing investment returns.
  • The success of this collaboration underlines the importance of data-driven decision-making in the competitive business environment today.

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