Brands implemented
months to ROI

The Challenge

The deprecation of 3rd party cookies and the desire for more personalized digital experiences led a global CPG to add a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to their marketing tech stack. The CDP provided critical identity and activation capabilities required to drive the benefits of their first-party data strategy.

The North American region was the focus of the first phase of their global CDP roll-out. Subsequent phases of their broader enterprise marketing data modernization efforts included identity resolution, data lake, clean room, GA4 migration, ESP and DSP consolidation.

Actable was tasked with the following:

  • Develop global CDP implementation plan and roadmap
  • Coordinate with client, external agency and vendor teams
  • Lead CDP implementation to support:
    • 22 North American brands
    • 2+ inbound data sources per brand
    • 2+ outbound integrations per brand
    • 3+ client and agency teams
    • 10+ stakeholders


  • Actable deployed a cross-functional team, involving technical project management, solution architecture, solution engineering, and marketing operations CDP experts
  • Actable integrated its team into the client’s scrum workflow to ensure the success of the multi-agency deployment team
  • Actable devised an identity resolution solution to enable the client’s first-party consumer data strategy
  • Actable architected a CDP account strategy to enable the client’s global roll-out and brand marketing activation plans
  • Actable’s strategic consulting partnered with 10+ client stakeholders to identify use cases and an activation roadmap to drive CDP ROI across the various client brands


  • Successful onboarding of 22 brands’ inbound and outbound data integrations within 6 months
  • Successfully activated three client use cases
  • Established one of the highest performing marketing technology scrum teams
  • Created a foundation to support for global roll-out across brands in EMEA and APAC