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Email Deliverability

The Challenge

As a result of a data quality and data operations inefficiencies a global, multi-brand furniture retailer lost nearly $6 mm in revenue.  The client needed to consolidate from several emails’ vendors and platforms to an all-in-one marketing hub, and Actable was chosen as a key implementation partner.  


  • The Actable team worked with the new ESP and client stakeholders to perform discovery sessions, business requirement gathering, and functional requirement gathering.  
  • Actable team worked with 10+ stakeholders to solution 90+ use cases for multiple brands.
  • Actable BSA’s wrote the detailed 30+ pages of Business Requirement and Functional Requirement along with 25+ pages of the User Acceptance Testing document for each brand.
  • Actable delivered IP Warming, Solutioning and Testing to migrate the ESP from more than 20 different platforms into 1 platform for 6 brands across regions such as North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and in 6+ different languages.
  • Actable configured custom Reporting such as Business KPIs, Customer KPIs, Customer Demographic, Customer Distribution, Customer Distribution Comparison, Top Purchases to help clients better understand campaign performance.


  • The click to open rate for 6 months after migrating to the new ESP is 12.37% whereas the click to open rate for the Fiscal Year 2022 for the same brand was 12.14%
  • Approximately 15.8M users received various marketing campaign with the delivery rate at 99%+, which generated the revenue of $8.1M in past 6 months for 1 brand.