Taking the leap from insights to actions is key when it comes to extracting maximum value from any data set. See how Actable strategically used 3rd party data and Machine Learning together to drive deliver insights and actions together with a revenue-oriented result.

The Challenge

A print and newsletter publication specializing in retirement living tips expanded their business model to include selling real estate. Real estate buyers are worth dramatically more to the client, but little was known about who the buyer was, nor how to get more of them.


By integrating 1st and 3rd party data streams at a customer level, Actable was able to deliver a comparative analysis of real-estate vs non- real-estate buyers and core product purchasers. The selection of the 3rd party provider, who specialized in voter demographics, was a strategic choice that gave the analysis the right enrichment points and covered most of the customer base geographically.

Actable delivered the analysis in a filterable dashboard, which highlighted key patterns in demographic data, and displayed time-based cohorts of users, and included product-level data.

Machine learning models based on high-value cohorts were subsequently created for deployment in the CDP, which scored users based on their likelihood to purchase real estate, and deployed into downstream marketing systems


The real estate buyer demographic became clearly defined – younger, more affluent, and with a lifetime value nearly 10X their core subscription customers. Actable is now working with the client to deploy triggered mailings and cross-channel marketing activations to convert more users based on the machine learning Actable developed, which is helping the client capitalize on a demand spike created by the COVID-19 pandemic.