A subscription media company had been eager to leverage data stored by its paid instance of Google Analytics, but had a limited Google Cloud footprint.  A cross functional group of stakeholders from the client wanted to work with Google Cloud and Actable to better understand what was possible.  We collectively determined that an iBQML workshop would be a good way to get started.


Actable created a list of homework items for the client to accomplish prior to the workshop, in order for the time spent in the session to be used as productively as possible.  Actable then sent two consultants on-site to meet with more than a dozen stakeholders from the client and from Google Cloud for a two-hour workshop.  One of the team members specialized in marketing analytics, and the other had deep context for marketing use cases specific to the client.  During the session, the Actable team was able to answer ad hoc questions about the technology itself and make recommendations on use cases for capability.  

Results ​

By the end of the 2 hour workshop, Google Cloud had scored millions of customer records; however the client was reticent to deploy media against the audiences since they had not verified performance yet.  Actable leveraged GA-certified consultants to validate audience performance.  After 2 months of scoring, the iBQML high-performing audience outperformed the low performing audience by 12x in terms of revenue/thousand users.  Actable made specific, tactical media recommendations to drive adoption of iBQML-powered audiences.