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The Challenge

A subscription education company had a robust marketing technology stack, but its customer data and marketing engagement data was underutilized. Furthermore, the client had no approach to guide the creation and measurement of key marketing health metrics, such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or Lifetime Value (LTV), which hindered the ability to track customer-to-brand engagement journeys.


Actable addressed this gap by proposing a Customer 360 view, which could live in an analytical environment capable of powering both insight generation and activation.​

The Actable Analytics team created a comprehensive customer view which combined:​

  • Data from web applications, mobile apps, and email​
  • Ad costs and click events​
  • Registrations, purchases, and upgrades​
  • Payment information & churns​​

Additionally, Actable built a dynamic dashboard with advanced filters and cohort analytics to help the client better leverage historical customer data and make more data-driven decisions. This dashboard lived inside the client’s BI tool, which was already well-adopted by the organization.​


The dashboard established a single view of customer analytics to be leveraged for customer insights and strategy development. Following the build of the dashboard, Actable performed tailored training sessions to help the client best understand cohort analysis, customer journey analytics, and how to perform marketing attribution between paid media and owned sources.