journeys audited
campaigns migrated

The Challenge

A subscription EdTech game used a legacy ESP for the majority of core business mailings. While the existing ESP had a robust amount of user attributes and events configured, end users expressed low confidence in the reliability of the data. Additionally, the customer made enterprise-level commitments to Segment Connections and Personas, so it was important to leverage a messaging platform with seamless Segment integration. The lack of trust in their legacy ESP and the new buildout of Segment created new opportunities for lifecycle marketing. The customer selected Braze as their new messaging platform and engaged Actable to support their ESP migration to Braze.


Actable introduced a migration plan that was two-fold: data migration and audience/campaign migration. Data migration entailed data cleansing to inform who to backfill to Braze. Actable then conducted audits of the outgoing ESP and Segment to understand with the customer what campaigns and events should be migrated to Braze. The migration process was 12-weeks to get priority events, audiences, and campaigns enabled in platform.


  • Actable conducted data cleansing, backfill, and event configuration in a 4-week timeframe
  • Actable migrated 45 campaigns and journeys to Braze in an 8-week timeframe
  • Actable set up a functioning Preference Center to allow for consumers to manage preferences with the Braze
  • Actable enabled capabilities between Segment and Braze with the creation of Segment Personas (known as Twilio Engage), which increased efficiencies with the Marketing Operations team
  • Actable enabled new capabilities around geo-targeting and persona-based targeting.