increase in winbacks
connected marketing channels

The Challenge

A leading fintech company has a large influx of one-time customers during the COVID-19 crisis.  These customers applied for federal PPP lending, but did not have history as customers before.  As the USA recovered from COVID-19, the client wanted to determine how to best re-engage those customers with complementary products to these one-time customers.


Actable deployed a cross-functional team to understand the client’s data and how to best deliver predictions to this unique, but sizeable audience.  Actable’s data science team created custom predictions based on the client’s proprietary 1st party customer data.  Then, Actable leveraged the infrastructure and integrations of its Predictable product in order to score the customers.


Actable deployed the scores on a regular basis into the client’s cloud data warehouse (Snowflake & AWS).  Actable configured data feeds from the client’s data warehouse and data mapping inside the client’s CDP, Lytics, in order for the custom model to be easily leveraged in marketing campaigns.

  • Scores connect easily to Google Ads, Facebook, the clients ESP & CRM, as well as direct mail and owned selling channels.
  • Top quintile customers convert at 2x the bottom quintile.