increase in conversion rate
cut in time-to-deploy new offers

The Challenge

A large subscription publisher was hampered by legacy tools and processes to manage on-site promotions. Lacking data and tools to inform their approach, promotions were based on gut-feel and historical trends, with no personalization or user-based experience considerations – all users had the same experience and promotions, regardless of where they were on their customer journey. Additionally, their legacy tools and processes were inefficient and time-consuming. If ads were not regularly updated with new offers, performance would suffer. However, the return often did not warrant the operational time and effort.


  • Actable leveraged CDP functionality to create tailored experiences with targeted goals, including offering subscription services at varying price points.
  • Actable defined audience criteria based on promotional offers that would drive the best response for specific target audiences.
  • Actable implemented customizations to match design of client’s existing website and align promotional messages to audience segments.
  • Logic and decisioning were configured within the CDP, allowing for responsive, personalized on-site offers.


  • Promotional offer conversion rate for products more than doubled: 0.036% prior to launch, 0.083% post launch.
  • Direct revenue observed from these modals surpassed $18K in the first week.
  • Time-to-deploy new offers was cut by 70%, enabling rapid iteration and testing, and freeing up time for other activities.