decrease in CPA
increase in paid social-driven subscriptions
attributes built

The Challenge

A major financial media company was in the process of implementing a Customer Data Platform (CDP), needing strategic support to maximize their investment and best unify their data for consumer activation.


  • The Actable team worked in tandem with the CDP vendor in project management to keep deployment and use cases on track for launch.  
  • The Actable team ranked seven use cases in terms of effort and impact to establish the top three priority use cases to move forward with in implementation based on a combined metric of use case ranking.
  • The Consulting team created ~80 attributes in the CDP for audience segmentation in platform for use case enablement for identifying registered and unregistered users within their ecosystem.


  • Actable accelerated the building of a strong foundation of attributes and baseline plan for future use cases, as the client continues to work with the CDP.
  • Actable established paid media suppression lists, which resulted in  5x better match rates in platform than prior to using audiences for suppression. 
  • The Client saw close to an 80% decrease in consumer acquisition cost and over a 50% increase in paid social subscriptions within the first 6 months of their CDP implementation.