Actable is proud to welcome Lizzie to our team!

Please meet Lizzie Schooler, she joins Actable as our People Experience Manager, based in Portland, Oregon.

Lizzie is accountable for employee experience for all Actable team members. While Lizzie oversees benefits and human resource concerns, Lizzie’s major focus is on creating interconnection and memorable experiences for Actable’s global staff and has already had an outsize impact on collaboration and effectiveness.

Lizzie brings to Actable fourteen years of experience in office management and people experience, as well as certification in Equity and Inclusion. Lizzie has hyper-relevant experience from her time at Lytics, a Customer Data Platform, and at AskNicely, another Portland-based software company. She has a keen eye for talent, a passion for culture development and the soft skills that are key to making Actable one of the best places to work!

Outside of Actable you will find her with her two dogs, sipping wine, and enjoying the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome Lizzie!