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Unlock Your Customer Data

You’ve invested in capturing data about your customers. But how much of that data are you actually putting to use? Actable is your data activation team. We synthesize your customer data across every tool, giving you the insights you need to make science-backed decisions about marketing, product, and the future of your business.

Our Service Offerings

Build a strategic roadmap and tactical plan towards a comprehensive customer data strategy. We help enterprises transform their tech and teams to deploy customer data against business outcomes.

  • – Design and develop a customer data-driven tech stack.
  • – Create a data strategy that aligns with key business goals.
  • – Align your organization and team to deliver on customer data imperatives.
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MarTech needs to be hydrated with the most relevant customer data and enrichments.  Our data engineering team helps brands:

  • – Build Customer 360, or our “Customer 101” which is a rapid time-to-value data warehouse with the minimum viable data to be successful in marketing activations
  • – Integrate high quality new datasets either from new systems the client owns, or from a network of valuable 3rd party enrichments
  • – Improve ID resolution to better understand who our clients’ customers are across systems.
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Implement and integrate new toolsets to power fluid and effective customer data deployment. Our expert practitioners de-risk your MarTech implementations and accelerate time to value.

  • – Deploy new technology with confidence – our team has seen it all, and done it all before.
  • – Maximize your customer data toolset with our expert operators.
  • – Supercharge your growth marketing efforts with end-to-end managed services from our practitioners.
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Understand gaps in customer data and integrate data sources to focus on ongoing segmentation and AI-powered customer journeys.

  • – Find deeper customer insights through predictive insights to make data-driven decisions and create targeted marketing campaigns and customer journeys.
  • – Utilize third-party enrichments to supplement existing customer data and gain a more comprehensive view of each individual customer.
  • – Leverage AI models to predict customer preferences and behaviors, enabling your business to offer highly personalized experiences.
  • – Segment and analyze customer data to gauge the success of your marketing initiatives. 
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Elevate your digital strategy, transform analytics, and seamlessly migrate with our specialized Google Cloud expertise.

We have extensive knowledge in:

  • – Strategy.  From modernizing your stack to leveraging the potential of ML/AI, we create tailored solutions for your organization.
  • – Marketing Analytics. With our comprehensive analytics solutions we give your team actionable insights, a complete view of your customer and more.
  • – Migrations. Move and adapt with ease. Our experience in data warehousing, messaging platforms and CDPs make transitions seamless.
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Founders Craig Schinn, Matt Greitzer, and Michael Baumgaertner launched Actable with a singular focus on first-party customer data, applied to drive sustainable enterprise value.

Activate Your Latent Customer Data Assets

Actable was created to help organizations turn first-party data into measurable business results.

In a phrase: It’s our job to help our customers understand their customers because we believe that access to better customer data leads to better customer experience, better enterprise responsiveness, and greater enterprise value.

  • 220% year-over-year growth
  • 80% of employees are former MarTech practitioners
  • 40% Fortune 500 client-base in 15+ global markets