Year Runway for Revenue Infrastructure

The Challenge

A content-to-commerce production and distribution network required a ground-up approach to building a content-to-commerce data framework, which would enable them to link content consumption with e-commerce transaction. Linked data points could then be used to create audience criteria, which could be retailed alongside media packages for targeted advertising and sponsorship purposes.


Actable designed an end-to-end platform solution that used a CDP as a central node to synthesize and syndicate data between:

  • Media Distribution Platforms
  • 3rd Party Data Feeds
  • Data Systems
  • Advertising Platforms


  • The resulting solution uses the CDP to organize users into deployable audiences based on rules-based triggers sitting on both the inbound and outbound data pathways.
  • Data normalization on inbound data pathway optimizes data warehousing costs, while outbound syndication can be used for targeted media campaigns.

Current Projects: TBD Pending Funding